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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Publicity stunt over the search of William Yau?

Very the funny and ironic! So many child have gone missing. So much crime victims have died. But suddenly one political party came out like it cares the most, launched campaign to look for the missing 6-year-old William Yau Zhen Zhong.

Why har? Why only now? Why at this time when General Election is about a month away? Why William? 

And I thought political parties now claimed they are across racial lines but isn't William a Chinese? Why I don't remember you asking your party members to look for other non-Chinese missing child? 

Am I being paranoid? OK maybe William's chubbiness caught your heart. You analyse yourselves lah. What I hope is this is not just a publicity stunt. I hope those appeared on the newspaper giving out flyers etc were not hypocrite and merely putting up a show. 

If you are sincere, launch a campaign to get back Satiskumar Tamilvanan, 5, and M. Jethendran, 16, too. What if one day, it's your kids who are kidnapped or gone missing? 

I do agree with some people that we should leave William's family alone, for now.. 
Put journalism business aside, this is about being humane and understanding. 

I apologise if my thoughts caused uneasiness to some quarters.