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Thursday, 16 June 2011

QUOTE of the day

If you already found a person who loves you more than you love her, be loyal, don't let go and love her more than she loves you.

Dating: Now and Then

Last time, I mean in the 90’s and early 20th century, the way young people go dating is so different. They will curi-curi call each other’s house and that’s the main way to communicate. They will write letters to each other. And they are only able to take bus when go dating because they are still young and no driving license. The best thing is they will will go to park, garden or beach for dating because malls are very less then.

But now I feel the relationship has lost the touch. I feel couple nowadays somehow lost the sweetness due to modernization and technology. They talk less and express lesser through body language. They are trapped in the cyber world. They only sms each other because it’s cheap. They use Facebook, MSN or skype to communicate or to see each other. Wherever they go, they drive because they prefer aircon and comfortness.
The advancement of technology is good but it’s not so good when people rely on it heavily and obsess with it to the extent of losing the human values.

This is just my thought. You may have different view.

I miss the oldies then the new way of courting and dating. =p