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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

another trophy by sister

Today is my sister’s graduation day. It’s more like a prize-giving day for her la because she’s just Standard 3 this year. Unfortunately I couldn't attend. I think I never miss her graduation. She never missed from getting prizes every year.

Im so proud of her la. really. She got too many medals n trophies. No place to display already. As she grows older, I try to encourage her by giving her gifts, bring her for a movie n treat her makan sedap. I love her. I tried my very best to show it n try to shape her into a girl. You know.. be gentle, loving, caring, soft-spoken that kind of things.

She on9. msn. She’s clever in computer stuff la. really kecik-kecik cili padi n cakap banyak like her brother. Hehe. Last semester holidays, she participated in a state level primary school drawing competition using computer. N guess what. She got 1st runner up. amazingly that was her first time taking part in such competition.

So she showed me the photos of her with the trophies standing at our house’s balcony. My mum took the photos. If I were there, that’ll be my job. But this year, sadly I wasn’t there standing like a reporter in front of the stage to snap her glorious moments.

Anyway she’s merajuk now because I don’t wana play games with her. im tired ma. N I never like to play games. =p so she changed her status to ‘away’. Waleuh. So the photos that she sent me cannot save lo.

Haha. by the way, im feeling very happy this week although at first I was quite down for being indecisive and in the end I missed the things I wanted to do. I must thank my friends n my new friends for bringing joy into my life this semester.

I can now proudly say that I’ve mood on. I’ve lost my love. But I still have many loves around me. Love is not only meant for one person. It only works when you share it with people. Love is always there if you are willing to open your heart and accept it. I may not get her love. But I still love her. and I love people around me too. i love my family as well.

Okla I talk too much! I wana go pom-pom den oink-oink for a while. Tired. N I feel like puking so badly after eating the kuih-muih at the JR Gathering just now. nak muntah sangat-sangat but tak keluar-keluar. hungry but suddenly no appetite la.

Have to wake up very the early to START study for MORAL midterm at 8am tmr.


"my new friend is..."

<< ok murid-murid, sila tulis sebuah karangan yang mengandungi ayat "my new friend is...". sila menggunakan Bahasa Melayu yang asli dan betul. jangan meniru kawan di belakang anda. karangan murid-murid mestilah mempunyai 1500 patah perkataan. sila hantar pada akhir kelas nanti. kalau karangan you bagus, cikgu akan bagi 3 Stars. kalau salah ejaan, tanda baca dan tatabahasa, cikgu akan call mak kamu. anda boleh bermula sekarang. >>

i am veli heppie today. i went to university. my big brathas n big sistas organised a party. all of them are from Parti Journalism. this parti is illegal. some people say HALAM! they never register sama itu ROS. if mata-mata mali, gelenti kena masuk lokap.

i terpakai smart smart today. paiseh nia. shy lo. kemaluan sangat besar. =p

i see-saw many people. some hensem, some boleh tahan. some sui, some boleh tahan. they semua olang veli heppie. they laughed veli loud like speakers. the teachers oso veli heppie. they also laughed n pitching lari. semua olang is ferenly. one cute ah boy alwayz 'kena scold lo". they made me happie manyak-manyak.

eh-behli-one mesti pay rm10. tapi saya belum bayar cikgu. mereka bagi makan. banyak ooo... ala itu telur ayam punya tart. ala itu teh talak tarik. ala itu jeli. ala itu kalipork. ala itu lotti. ala itu hijiau-hijiau panjiang-panjiang punya. dan lain-lain lagi. wa makan until mau muntah cirit dan birit, berak di parit, tapi sikit pun keluar.

dia olang tak boleh habis makan. dia olang tapau. dia olang minta kita olang bawa balik bagi olang-olang lain makan. kita olang kenyang. kita olang ambik. ada olang talak ambik.

we play-play games lo. tapi hor my heart sikit sakit la. kita olang main-main. wa pun lupa tangkap gambak with my cikgus. aiyah amma. shit lo!

i met many people. we went into a group. Mister Afi yang berjanggut kambing hutan warna cokelat bertompok-tompok also in my group. we introduced ourself. wa pun cakap lo.

( my name is "Oh, Chin Eng!" i am from penang. i am 21 yearsss old. )

semua olang kasitau nama. but kenot rimember all la cikgu. i only remember one pompuan's name. hehehehe. my new friend is CHIN POH NEE. not WONG POW NEE ok?? i remember her name only wor. the rest sorry la beb, wa tak ingat. saya tidak berasa gatal cikgu.

dia buat saya rindu sama sayang. wa talak tipu-tipu cikguuuuuu. sumpah atas cikgu. muka talak sama la. but their style and the aura kinda same. both wear metals on their teeth. both also santek. both mia kulit muka also clean n clear. n both mia suara also cute-mute. eeee suka la. suka wa mia sayang la. wa suka tengok olang pakai be-reh-ses. wa talak gatai cikgu. betoiiiii!!

kasih diterima cikgu. cikgu tolong kasi wa 3 stars. nanti saya bagi cikgu makan karipok. =p

chin eng ah, you never pay me rm10 yet!!


arrghhhh! now everyone knows i never pay you yet, VIVIEN CHANG WEI LIN!!

u really gila la!

people, i tell you, i have this crazy friend. really super crazy. not only crazy! she's blur too. my lecturer calls her 'blur punya orang'. she can make you laugh like crazy fella with her personality. her hobby: scream!! this girl memang hebat! before you see the person, u can hear her voice as far as 100m. She’s the most sampat girl in our class. SAMPAT NUMBER ONE! She can just come up with some crazy out-of-mind terms. Yea, many of them are obscene. Not to forget his Bahasa Melayu yang tidak difahami even by orang Melayu kuno dan moden.

but she's a really nice girl la.

my seniors are organising a gathering for all Journalism course students later at 3pm today. so all of us have to pay rm10 la. so she incahrge for our semester la since she's our course rep. we have to pay last week. but i really don;t have enough $. i was pokai. really pokai.

then everywhere she goes she'll scream n ask me for money! she saw me oni ah, she's say loudly "CHIN ENG AH, U NEVER PAY ME RM10 YET U KNOW? WHEN YOU WANA PAY HUH?" grrrrhhhh! she'll tell the whole world that i owe her money. lu hebat la Si Vivien. ish! now everyone in UTAR know me d lo huh??

my coursemate Amirah called n asked whether im going for the gathering or not? before she hang up, she asked have i pay the rm10. then i went to see another coursemate to get the Moral notes, Poovan. guess what he said? "u havent pay Vivien yet right?"

walaueh!!!!! i suspect respect and i wana PACK u all la! Pack u all n masuk dalam kotak especially Vivien.

im gona PAY you today la!

she's happier now la compare to last time. yeala people is in love now. she met a nice n good guy. now i realised that meeting a good guy for a girl means everything for that girl. the girl will be happier and loved.

anyway, u make us love u with ur cilaka blur n songoi n funny n random n jerit melolong style la Vivien. but sometimes GERAM oo!

Memorial Service for 3 Drowned Students

Yes people, especially sudents of UTAR Kampar Campus, today at 10am there will be a memorial service at Heritage Hall for the 3 students who got drowned at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall on 1st Nov 2009. This event is organised by UTAR Kampar Student Representative Council. Try to make it although you may not know them personally.

Im not going lah. Lazy to cycle u noe? U noe how tiring is it r? Im not that lucky can sneek in with my bike. plus I have to Journalism Course Gathering at the same place at 3pm later. Takkan nak cycle pi uni den balik den pi uni lagi? tired la.

Plus I went to the memorial service already last week by the friends of the 3 victims. So oklo. How many memorials we must attend la for the same person? Im sure if I go, I’ll sure take pics, then ppl will ask from me.

I better not waste time n stay at home to study. =p I cannot study in uni. I need to fotostate the Moral notes la. tomorrow morning got midterm n I haven’t started revision yet. My clothes are waiting for me to put them into washing machine la. and my floor is calling me desperately to sweep them.

So im NOT going la..

Anyway, finally I see some event organised by SRC. indeed this is the first one since the election last June. Ok perhaps they have been ‘fighting’ for the students but this is the first tangible thing that they make.

I really wonder why is it so slow for them to organised an event. If Journalism, news must be newsworthy, must have timeliness and urgency. Why after 11 days since the tragedy only they come up with this memorial service? Why the 3 victims friends can organised a huge memorial service for them on 2nd Nov, just one day after the tragedy and SRC can’t?

Why the reaction from SRC is so fucking damn slow? Isn’t the job of SRC to do come up with something that has to do with the students?? Im also curious that why they come up with the memorial service for this 3 dead students. What was SRC doing when other students having difficulties with their parents who passed away, who can’t pay their studies fees, and so on. I never see SRC collect money for any disasters’ victims. None!

SRC didn’t even announce it in the student portal. They announced it in Facebook. Wat the heck? Be official sikit can r? SRC is a university’s students council ok? It’s legal punya. How can they do things like this? So cincai! Buat malu je satu badan pelajar buat pengumuman macam ni! Kalau nak bagi alasan tak cukup masa n last minute, memang tak boleh diterima. Segala aktiviti perlu dirancang dengan teliti. The students elect you people to do things. So do it the right way!

They are 2 groups of people that set up the event in Facebook n inviting people to attend the memorial. The first invitation comes from ‘Utar Kampar’ with the title of the event: Official Utar Memorial Service for Waterfall Victims. This group did a good job. They post a photo of flowers as the profile pic. they also wrote the details of the event: date, time, venue and description.

The second invitation is from the Chairman of UTAR SRC, Edward Chin Yik Shearn with the title: Memorial Service in UTAR KAMPAR campus. Seriously im disappointed with this invitation. No photos on the page, no description what the event is all about. They oni posted up date, time n vanue.

Now they even call the event as official one? Why so? Because it’s from the university? Entahla apa motif with the word ‘official’. Ada orang hentam SRC sebab tak buat kerja ke? Ataupun dihentam sebab tak memperjuang dan menjaga kebajikan pelajar UTAR? Ataupun sebab SRC terkena api sendiri tak puas hati tengok kawan-kawan 2 mangsa tu boleh buat memorial yang dihadiri oleh ribuan orang?

Im not making any allegations ok? U think yourself la.


Yes I really do. Come find me if you are not satisfy with what I said.

i talk about facts and only facts!


senyum seindah suria

senyum seindah suria
yang membawa cahaya
senyumlah dari hati
dunia mu berseri
senyum umpama titian
dalam kehidupan
kau tersenyum
ku tersenyum
kemesraan menguntum
kepada semua
senyuman mu amatlah berharga
dengan senyuman
terjalinlah ikatan

Pernah tak anda dengar lagu ini? Ingat lagi tak lagu ini?
I ingat. Lagu ni dah lama masa I sekolah rendah dulu. I suka sangat lagu ni. I ingat lagi setiap bait-bait lagu dan melodinya sehingga hari ni. Music videonya terdiri daripada masyarakat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum. Kalau you tengok MV lagu ni, gerenti u gelak dengan apek-apek kat dalam yang senyum tak bergigi. Kan best kalau RTM siarkan lagi iklan ni. Lagu ni menceriakan orang yang sedih.

Hati I akan gembira kalau saya melihat orang senyum. Saya rasa tenang sangat. Saya rasa lega sebab saya membawa keceriaan daripada kesedihan. Lagilah best kalau orang yang senyum tu orang yang I sayang.

I suka tengok dia senyum. Manis sangat-sangat. Senyuman dialah yang membuatkan saya terjatuh hati dengannya. manis sangat.. cantik. menarik. Hati saya tertarik tertawan. Haha.

Senyumlah selalu. Sesungguhnya senyum itu satu sedekah. Senyuman anda membawa seribu makna dan kegembiraan kepada orang lain. Anda tidak perlu membayar untuk mengukir sebuah senyuman. Bukan susah untuk melakar dunia yang penuh dengan bunga-bunga cinta.