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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

chin eng ah, you never pay me rm10 yet!!


arrghhhh! now everyone knows i never pay you yet, VIVIEN CHANG WEI LIN!!

u really gila la!

people, i tell you, i have this crazy friend. really super crazy. not only crazy! she's blur too. my lecturer calls her 'blur punya orang'. she can make you laugh like crazy fella with her personality. her hobby: scream!! this girl memang hebat! before you see the person, u can hear her voice as far as 100m. She’s the most sampat girl in our class. SAMPAT NUMBER ONE! She can just come up with some crazy out-of-mind terms. Yea, many of them are obscene. Not to forget his Bahasa Melayu yang tidak difahami even by orang Melayu kuno dan moden.

but she's a really nice girl la.

my seniors are organising a gathering for all Journalism course students later at 3pm today. so all of us have to pay rm10 la. so she incahrge for our semester la since she's our course rep. we have to pay last week. but i really don;t have enough $. i was pokai. really pokai.

then everywhere she goes she'll scream n ask me for money! she saw me oni ah, she's say loudly "CHIN ENG AH, U NEVER PAY ME RM10 YET U KNOW? WHEN YOU WANA PAY HUH?" grrrrhhhh! she'll tell the whole world that i owe her money. lu hebat la Si Vivien. ish! now everyone in UTAR know me d lo huh??

my coursemate Amirah called n asked whether im going for the gathering or not? before she hang up, she asked have i pay the rm10. then i went to see another coursemate to get the Moral notes, Poovan. guess what he said? "u havent pay Vivien yet right?"

walaueh!!!!! i suspect respect and i wana PACK u all la! Pack u all n masuk dalam kotak especially Vivien.

im gona PAY you today la!

she's happier now la compare to last time. yeala people is in love now. she met a nice n good guy. now i realised that meeting a good guy for a girl means everything for that girl. the girl will be happier and loved.

anyway, u make us love u with ur cilaka blur n songoi n funny n random n jerit melolong style la Vivien. but sometimes GERAM oo!

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