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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

another trophy by sister

Today is my sister’s graduation day. It’s more like a prize-giving day for her la because she’s just Standard 3 this year. Unfortunately I couldn't attend. I think I never miss her graduation. She never missed from getting prizes every year.

Im so proud of her la. really. She got too many medals n trophies. No place to display already. As she grows older, I try to encourage her by giving her gifts, bring her for a movie n treat her makan sedap. I love her. I tried my very best to show it n try to shape her into a girl. You know.. be gentle, loving, caring, soft-spoken that kind of things.

She on9. msn. She’s clever in computer stuff la. really kecik-kecik cili padi n cakap banyak like her brother. Hehe. Last semester holidays, she participated in a state level primary school drawing competition using computer. N guess what. She got 1st runner up. amazingly that was her first time taking part in such competition.

So she showed me the photos of her with the trophies standing at our house’s balcony. My mum took the photos. If I were there, that’ll be my job. But this year, sadly I wasn’t there standing like a reporter in front of the stage to snap her glorious moments.

Anyway she’s merajuk now because I don’t wana play games with her. im tired ma. N I never like to play games. =p so she changed her status to ‘away’. Waleuh. So the photos that she sent me cannot save lo.

Haha. by the way, im feeling very happy this week although at first I was quite down for being indecisive and in the end I missed the things I wanted to do. I must thank my friends n my new friends for bringing joy into my life this semester.

I can now proudly say that I’ve mood on. I’ve lost my love. But I still have many loves around me. Love is not only meant for one person. It only works when you share it with people. Love is always there if you are willing to open your heart and accept it. I may not get her love. But I still love her. and I love people around me too. i love my family as well.

Okla I talk too much! I wana go pom-pom den oink-oink for a while. Tired. N I feel like puking so badly after eating the kuih-muih at the JR Gathering just now. nak muntah sangat-sangat but tak keluar-keluar. hungry but suddenly no appetite la.

Have to wake up very the early to START study for MORAL midterm at 8am tmr.


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