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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Editing in Photography

DO you edit your photos or you use the original photos?

i have my own opinion on this issue.

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random thoughts

1.      Honesty is not always the best policy

2.      Don’t show off. Always be humble.

3.      3 most important phrases in life: thank you, I am sorry, I love you.

4.      Manfaatkan apa yang ada di depan mata. Jangan mengejar perkara yang belum tentu pasti jadi. Nanti yang dikejar tak dapat, yang ada di dalam tangan, terlepas tak pulang.

5.      It’s not easy to be a photojournalist. You have to always be alert and ready all the time. Special moment just happens for a second. Once you missed that one sparkling second, then you’ll lost the heart of the photo.

just a 2 cents

Honesty is good. But too straight forward is not good. It hurts. So think before we say. Words can bring someone up. It can kill someone too. Wrong speech can’t be repair. It’s too late to retract your statement after you said it.

YOU are quoted

"You are good people, but u a bit abnormal only."

~ Senior Kow Kwan Yee
~ 6/6/2010 12.55pm
~ via MSN

*i only quote someone if what they said are funny and meaningful.

i love my roomate


chill la. i know he's a guy but it's ok. i can still love him.

i noe la girl roomates are more loving, caring and understanding. they always have pillow talk la, hug each other la etc la.

guys also can what. i practise feminism ok.


im not gona hug or kiss my roomate la.

he's a nice guy la, since the 1st day staying with me.

yeala, im nice, of course he's nice.


serriously la he's a nice guy. he came back this morning. i was sleeping. That's why he didn't come in, he left his begs outside n went out. he scared if he opens the door, he'll wake me up.


n he brought me two bachang! bachang is glutinous rice wrapped in pandan leaves. tau ka? taktau sudah. Chinese will celebrate bachang festival this weekend. I wana go back but i can't la. i have BIG thing to do in university. hehe.

anyway i just cleaned my room. i think i love to do house cleaning. i cannot stay in a dirty room la! eeew! i did laundry etc. he helped me in clening our room.

ok i love my roomate. i'll take care of him. his gf can leave him for me when he's in Kampar. nyeh nyeh nyeh.

*evil smile*

songs from Autumn's Concerto

Hohoho it’s time to sleep.

I was about to sleep at 3am before I heard the song of Autumn’s Concerto from Pei Suang’s blog. I knew about the Taiwan drama during the last semester break. My siblings follow the drama in Astro. So I also watch lo. Icipang! 2 thumbs up for the drama. I love it. It’s a very loving love drama with ups n downs. If u haven’t watch it, go download.

Now I got all the songs n soundtracks from the drama. Thanks a lot to Banana Chuin Pei. Kamsiah. =p

My favourite songs are 'Qing Ren’ which means relative n another one is 我以為 'Wo Yi Wei' which means I thought.

Sorila people no hanyupinyin lyrics. I can’t find any in the web la. I can’t read Chinese anyway. So I don’t know which one is the lyrics. Hehe.

an advice for myself

Sometimes we regret of our decision. We feel we shouldn’t have made that decision. Normal la right. Regret already then what? It happened already what. U did what you think is the best at the time an incident happened. Definitely you cannot turn back the clock n go back to the past. No one to be blamed solely. It’s a two-way thingy.

I made mistakes. I am sorry.

I care for everything. But when you care, you response to it. When you response to it, you put your feelings n emotions into it. It might be a good or a bad thing.

Yea there are times I get emotional! DAMN! I hate it too. But it’s me la. okla.. I’ll try not to let my emotions to control me k. n I’ll try not to express it aggressively. Hehe.

So im telling myself.

Let go. Cincai. Dun berkira. It’s ok. Nevermind. Whatever. Leave it. Forget about it.  Relax. Chill. No problem. Okla. Lalalala. HAHAHA!