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Thursday, 1 September 2011

QUOTE of the day

Life is like a candle. Once it's blowed off, means no more light, no more life.

*so sad to received a news that a very close neighbour's mum has passed away*

quotable quotes

"People are going to say what they want but I’ll focus on what I want."

~ Usain Bolt
~ 28/8/2011

Raya 2011: list rumah kawan untuk diserbu

Finallyi'm in Penan g!!

clap clap clap!!


Tomorrow is just third day of Raya. Means i can still visit my friends' house.

I've not seen some of these friends for years. Festival season like this is good for us to catch up and get in touch agan.

Ok this is the list of rumah kawan yang akan diserbu for Raya this year.

1. Ina

2. Kim

3. Amirah

4. Fadzrina & Fariza

5. Muna

6. Natasha

7. Liyana

8. Raneesha