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Monday, 28 September 2009

The Happiest Moment with Coursemates in Semester 2

Woah woah! I had a wonderful day today. So many happy things happy. thanks to God, her, and my friends.

I finished my exam finally. Had our last paper today from 9-11am. Subject: Mass Media and Society. I did quite well I guess. I know how to answer. Hehe. I studied ma! I was smiling, laughing n singing throughout the whole exam. hehe. Sempat pi kencing lagi oo. But I didn’t manage my time properly la. I din have enough time for the last question which is the essay question. I rushed n simply taruh all my points. Nvmla. I did my best d. no regrets this time.

MERDEKA man. after this I can blog here n there this n that. =p

I went to uni early today. Yeala bcoz I rode my bike.. the reson to be early is bcoz the gurad always stop me, I dun have sticker. Illegal la. si if they stop me I hav to make damn big round and curi masuk from another lobang. Fortunately im so lucky today. The guards curi ayam. I happily rode in. wahaha.

Just after i got down from my bike, I received a sms from her. She wished me goodluck n asked me to buat baik2.. Im so happy and glad that she did that. I got like some power to do well in my exam la. MOTIVATION man!

And im so handsome today.hehe. betul. Tak tipu. Memang handsome. Yeala. Tak percaya? Biar pi kat hang! Aku feel handsome kalau handsome la. like Ee Theng always said “got feel got feel.” =p I smell nice too. I used the perfume that we bought together from Body Shop.

Y I dressed up nicely today? Bcoz we had photoshoot after the exam. it was the first time since our studies that we had a group photograph. Everyone attended. Complete cun-cun 31 ppl. So happy. im so touched. I was so scared dat some of them will cabut n tak jadi to take pic again. this might be the first and the last one because its so hard to asked these m*nkeys m*nkeys to meet up altogether.

Vivien dating bulan today. Opps! Hehe. I tel u she was so ganas. I told her if she gatai, im gona cucuk her with the tripod. She got freak out n as usual.. she SCREAMED!

I geram oo at them. I asked them to go down n gather but they duk tok abt the exam. ish! i was so hot. Hot la. The weather is hot! I was wearing jacket. Tok after the photo shot la. Pei Suang tok non stop. Corene also. Ai Loon oso. aiyah all da gals la. so chicken backside la. hehe.

Thank God I have Tiffany, the whistle keeper. Hehe. I used her pinkish whistle. Fuiyo. Blow je all of them got shocked then start to gather. The weather was so superb. So clear, so blueish. no haze! we had bamboo trees as our background. Sorila have to ask u all to have the sunlight because if we dun, later reflectin n dark2. U all will say Chin Eng no pe-ro-fe-shi-nal.

Wah! The picstures turned out so nice. Seriously farking nice weih! The colors so cun! We had 2different pose. 1st one is the serious, chubby, innocent, bodoh-bodoh shot where the gals sit in one row n the guys stand at the back. The gals clos their legs tight2 with their hands on their lap and the guys stand straight with their hand cover2 their ciau-ciau. All of them luk so cute n funny la. some really hav the kindergarten boloh-boloh face. Haha!

2nd shot was the crazy funny shot. We are so pro in this la. u can see la all the crazy funny animals face in the picture. In this shot we all cramped, stand closely.

I want to develop the 1st pic in 8R size. U go check la how big is the 8R size. Then I wana stick it in my room. Hehe. Realy nice la. I used high resolution si the pic wont pecah2. 1 pic 7MB ok! Gila babi betul! Then for the 2nd shot I wana make into button. U noe button? The round shape thingy with the safety pin at the back n u pin on ur beg. I wana give them free la. FREE! So next time don’t say Chin Eng is kedekut especially Saravani. Haha.

I had Wei Hong aka Sotong as my assistant today. He got talent la. can improve some more. Hehe. He took 90% of the pics. yeala because I took pics with my frens ma. So he helped me lo. Thx Sotong. The pics really sui. Rmbr what Mister Oh thought u ya. =p

U noe ah Ai Peng said im hensem la. hehe. So heppy la. tq tq. =p

Meanwhile Ee Theng wana take off my pants. itu crazy Big Sister. I said i feel hot la inside. I was wearing boxer. Sweating la. The sun was so bright n burning u noe. I really felt like taking off my jeans. Heehe.

Amirah was so preety today. So cute. Comel. I suka. =p I took pics with her. I took pics with Ee Theng, Ai Loon, Haw Yeen, Pang Chong, Li Theng, Vivien, Deng Wen, Siang Tong, Teck Joo and Siew King. I never took pic with them b4. I missed out some la cz they cabut d. I wanted to take pic with Ai Peng. Yala she praised me wat. Hehe! She said nvm we can take pic tonite n ask me to stay hensem. Aduih I tak larat la.

Now I realised it’s so hard to have good appearance. No wonder la the chabos take hours just to make up. Dear Mister Oh you must now start to dress up yourself, wear smart-smart so that the girls will fall for you, so that people will talk to you like adult n not like budak kechik, so that people will take you seriously. FAHAM?!!

Tiffany house key was with me. but she went back n kenot enter her room. she kenot tahan mau
kencing. Haha! sory la. =p

N u noe wat suddenly my laptop black off again. arrrghhh! I typed long long d just now but n now all gone. Ish.

Im so super tired n hungry now. okla nk tido dah. Wake up later n go BBQ. Thanks all my JR frens for the meaningful short photoshoot. I'll post the pics on FB. dun wori. just WAIT. Hehe. So c u la. gnite. Tata.