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Monday, 24 January 2011

Pattani: to go or not to go

I have a chance to add another colour in my life.

I believe that we should paint our own life and make it colourful.

But should I go or not?? It’s this Wednesday la.

And it’s in Pattani, Thailand! Yes I repeat again, Thailand.

Just now around 5pm I got an email from a friend in Thailand inviting me to AMAN 20th Anniversary Assembly and Interfaith Conference on Multiculturalism and Global Peace from January 26 to 28, 2011 at PSU, Pattani Campus.

I want to go la.

Eh this is a golden and rare opportunity ok.

It’s not always that you get this chance. And not everyone get this chance.

I like the topic as well. If I go there, I’ll be presenting Malaysia I think and I can bring out my opinions to the world. Chandra Muzaffar will be there as well as the speaker. My participation will help a lot in my resume too.

This is just the beginning of the year and I got this golden chance.

I feel so overwhelmed by the sudden pour of rezeki this month. So many good things are happening. I feel so, so encouraging and, and too blessed.

You can feel the presence from ‘above’ ok.

My friends ask me to go for it. Just grab the chance. Opportunities don’t always come.

Ai Chun said good things require hard work, sacrifices and persistence.

I know I know. I know I’ll regret if I don’t go. I also know I’ll regret if I go.

There is a price to pay.

There are pros and cons.

But, something is holding me back. Maybe because it’s too far and this news got to me too last minute.

I have a lot of things to settle leh. Have to consider a lot of things.

If I go Thailand, I have to let go a lot of things. Letting go is not really a problem but the problem is it’s my responsibility.

Money should not be a problem cuz I’ll get funding from the organizer.

Aih.. how ah??

Indecisive is a very suffering situation especially when you are stuck in between two important decisions.
Hmm.. I think I am going to Thailand la. Hehehe. Cuz I just rushed n speed like hell with my bike as if im going to end my life to tapao dinner, to reload my handphone etc.

Who knows I might change my mind later.


damn! got another golden opportunity to add another beautiful color in my life. but now hesitate to go or not..


fast fast! i need to decide by TONIGHT!!

QUOTE of the day

Life is so beautiful, u just have to start paint it yourself.