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Friday, 5 November 2010

life is like a battery


life is like a battery YOU KNOW.. 

it has lifespan. once the battery is out of power, u also DIE lo. 

what im saying is, while you can still breath, make use of ur life, do the things that you u always wanted to do, things that u desired for, things that give you lifetime satisfaction, things that are useful to yourself and others. 

My life has been so colorful. Yes there are ups and downs but it's a growing up process that comes with great experience. I've tried almost EVERYTHING. I have no regrets.


Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Deepavali to my Indian/Hindu friends, teachers, lecturers, neighbours and whoever celebrate it lah.

I wish u all a very meaningful and bless Deepavali lah!


now im confused la. Deepavali is a cultural or religious festival har?

I feel Deepavali is not a religious festival anymore la.

what do u think??

aiyah never mind la.

we don't talk about heavy topic today.

let's chill.

this is the first time im not in Penang on Deepavali. aiyah.

a bit sad la..

friends all in Penang ma..

nice food also in Penang ma.

dun wori..

OCE won't die. I'll find my way to enjoy Deepavali. hahahahha!

Nandri Vanakem.