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Friday, 12 June 2009


Today is 12th of June 2009. In less than few minutes, we’ll step into a new day theorically. But practically, for me, I don’t think so as long as I’m still awake. Those who know me well, they will know why this day is so special and important for me. 12th is special but not the month of June.

2 years 8 months 16 hours ago at 7.35am 12th August 2006, we got into a relationship. Not as brother or sister or friends but as a girlfriend and boyfriend. Today, the date of 12th just remains a history, a page of our life that will never be repeated again. The journey has come to an end a month ago. Many of my close friends don’t even know a bout it. I’m sorry for not letting it out. Yea, we break up. I believe that many people will get shocked. Terkejut mati! Haha! They know very well how loving, how sweet and how cute we used to be. I’m proud to say that!

It’s never a good thing to be separated from the one u love. If we were still together, we’ll celebrate our 3 years anniversary this 12th August but haha! It’s not gona happened la! balik tidur and mimpi la.

wait and see

kaakakah! i remembered my password. here i am once in a blue moon.

something will be posted up b4 12am tonight. wait n see. =p