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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

QUOTE of the day

Don’t be jealous with people’s achievement. Don’t just look at it. Let them inspire you. Aim at it and achieve it! You can do better than them!!

today in history

It's not like a big grand history la.


propaganda u noe.. hiperbola gitu-gitu la.

so what is the history la???!


for the first time ever, i went to Jing Wen's house at night, and then i studied there, with her. she fell asleep! hahah! i brought my pillow, water, bread, biscuit, notes.

it feels so nice when you are studying. ahhh.. im loving it!!

hari ini memang bersejarah! mungkin Kementerian Pelajaran boleh pertimbangkan untuk memuatkan kisah bersejarah ini dalam buku teks Sejarah buat tatapan generasi akan datang.

ok before i talk more crap, i better go n sleep. good night world. tata.