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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

countdown to 31/3/2010

31/3/2010 is gona be a significant date in my life.

i can't wait for that day.

it's gona be one of the grand things i've ever done.

n i noe im gona be proud of it despite all the obstacles that i went through.

well, it's less than a week from 31/3/2010.

i have a short resolutions to achive in these few days before 31/3/2010.

1. i wana stay as fit as possible.
2. take supplement and cereal and milk everyday.
3. pray everytime i wake up n when im going to sleep.
4. be nice.
5. control my anger.
6. send pictures to those people that i owed.
7. workout at the gym at least twice.
8. finish at least 70% of my assignments.

awesome QUOTES from Facing The Giants

1. You actions will always follow your beliefs.

2. Don't quit till you got nothing left.

3. Stay humble but confident.

4. Do not fear.

5. Do the best, you can leave the results to God.

6. With God, all things are possible.

7. If we win we praise Him and if we lose we praise him. (thx Adeline for reminding)

* it's a must watch movie for those who are down, looking for light and lazy!

uh yeh no time

one week only got 5 days, 5 official working days.

that's what my senior told me la.

yea yea yea...

so this means that we don't have much time actually.

a lot of things to be done.

uh yeah..

im enjoooooying the feeling of being busy n stress n rushy rushy.


stop being HORNY!!



im trying to say is time flies so fast la.

tiday is Tuesday already. n tomorrow is Wednesday.

i have less than 1 week for 31/3/2010.

time is seriously running out.

i have midterm tomorrow.

i have to come up with subtitle for a video tonight and submit tomorrow.

i have to write an article with Tiff n submit tomorrow.

what if there's no tomorrow??


YOU are quoted

"A baseless assumption will bring misjudgement to the decision that oneself make."

~ Edmund Lee
~ 23/3/2010
~ via FB

禮物 (Present) - 劉力揚 (Liu Li Yang)

Finally i have this song after like.. less than one week?

haha. thanks a lot to Tze Huey for sending me this song.

tq so much. i didn't expect you to remember that i love this song.

i am so joyful tonite.

i watched a good movie just now n im listening to good song now.

life is so wonderful isn't it.

be thankful for what we have and enjoy every moment in life.

this song is gona be played all nite long till i sleep.

i'm addicted to it already,

good night people.

sleep tight sweet dreams,

tomorrow will be a better day.

cuci kaki before tido.

say your prayer.

good night.


aku flying kat cloud 9

well, it's nice to be back in Kampar.

especially when i managed to made it for a movie with friends.

that's the reason why i took 2pm bus.

first, i must thanks Adeline for the date. haha.

second, it's so nice to meet up with Vanitha again. wheee!

we went out for dinner together for the first time ever.

then we went to a chuch for a movie screening. it's also a place for the students to have a proper place to hang out and to study. seriously it's a nice place.

we watched a movie Facing The Giants.

well, the movie is superb.

it touches on the teacing of Christianity.

the movie uses sports as the subject of the movie.

i was screaming as if im watching a live rugby tournament.

i learn new things.

what matters is the message behind the movie.

it is priceless. a lot of lessons to be leant.

the movie is just amazing, fantastic, inspiring!

i feel so UMMPHH, energetic, spirited, highly motivated, inspired, boosted, nostalgic n grateful tonight after watching the movie.

i feel more relax n calm tonite. i feel so light. so fragile. haha.

im in great mood.

im happy.

im flying.

im on cloud nine.

thanks again to Adeline Wok for asking me to join her for the movie screening.

it's always nice to talk to her. she is a sweet girl. =p

the feeling is just like meeting up with your long lost friend from primary school n u just talk everything about your life and your dreams n ur thoughts.

but actually we met randomly. n then we just get a long lo. n i dun have to pretend to be someone else.

thanks for the great nite.

hidup Adeline, hidup Pandan Girl!