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Sunday, 9 August 2009

finally i have to go to the hospital

frens, if u all read my blog, u noe im not ok. jz wana give u all some updates. im going to the hospital now. my condition is getting worse.

hp no credit. wana cal my parents oso kenot. aih..

my flu is getting worst

Im still awake. I couldn’t sleep. I tried to sleep since 3am after I took flu medicine. The medicine is not helping at all. I was struggling hard to make myself sleep bt I failed. I was so cold. My flu keeps dripping. I keep hakchiu. My head feels so heavy. I wear sweater. I blanket myself from head to toe so that I’ll sweat, so that I wont feel that hit but I still feel damn cold.

This is the worst flu I ever had in UTAR. Usually I’ll recover after I sleep but not this time. I’ve used my effective method-take med, blanket head to toe, clos all the windows, switch off the fan, make myself sweat-this time, it’s not working.

Seriously I feel like fainted. My eyes hardly open but I cannot sleep. My jaw is painful. I don’t understand at all why I cannot sleep.


I prayed juz now when I was trying to sleep. It didn’t work. Aih..

I didn’t see doctor because I took medicine already. Furthermore, I’m not the kind of person who sikit-sikit see doctor. If it’s normal sickness, I’ll just rest at home. This time, my heavy flu is quite heavy. My running nose is quite serious. I tak larat to move around.

I feel bad for my roommate, Siang Yong. He has recovered. He’s not having good night sleep because of me.

Time-time susah like this, I think of her. I feel like calling her, tel her what happened. But I don’t even exist in her mind anymore. it has been almost a week since we talk or sms. I sms her bt she nvr replied. I’ve been her bf, her fren, her enemy n noe I don’t exist. I always said to her:

“if 1 day i die pun, u also wont know.”

I also think of my family, my mum. If she knows, she’ll definitely ask me to go see doctor. If I were in Penang, she’ll take medicine for me.

Have u ever feel lonely when you are sick? Have you ever think of your loved ones when you are sick? Have you ever felt worried that u might lost them?

Ok.. now im feeling so hungry. I didn’t take dinner last night. I guess I’ll strive hard to ride my bike to have hot noodle soup.


let me tell you 1 story.
u sit back n listen to me.


y is he always fall sick sooooooooo easily?? got problem la that little kid. low antibody. health got problem. so damn WEAK. gona DIE anytime.

he slept in the evening n woke up at 11.30pm. planned to have dinner but suddenly.. suddenly..

just in few minutes, he got flu! heavy flu. his nose was running like river. can nose run like river?? i duno... but running nose la.

he keeps 'hak chiu'. he feels so cold. he is shivering.

his tears kip dropping. his eyes are watery.

arrghhh! troublesome! the virus is spreading. before this, 2days ago his roomate was sick-flu, high fever, n sorethroat. now he's recovering but Mr. Oh's turn to be ill.

for your information, out of so many many illness n sickness, FLU is the one that he hates the most! benci!

so now he cant even goes out for dinner. he's taking milo n biscuits then MEDICINE.

he'll jump to his bed. he can't barely open his eyes.

he bids goodbye to everyone. till then, good nite n see you. sayonara. bye bye.