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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

the tissue seller

9.30pm 19/7/2011 Petaling Street

It has been some time since I post up Ah Kong Ah Ma photos in my blog. I didn’t post old people photos in my Facebook (!/media/set/?set=a.131084207876.112867.599962876&saved#!/home.php?sk=media) too since I’m in KL.

This is the first old people picture I post taken in KL.

It’s so hard to find old people here. Where are they hiding?

I met this aunty at Petaling Street when I was having my dinner with a friend, Aki from Japan.

She came to our table to sell tissues. I said no, thanks. She tried again and again but I still reject her. At the end she wanted to give me free. Hahaha. Of course I reject again. That’s her source of income, how can I take the tissues form her. Then she wanted to give me free Buddhist mantras and chanting CD. That’s so random.. I was like er.. It’s ok la aunty.

She went into the bank to rest as there’s aircon in there. I went in and chat with her.

She was telling me that her life is miserable. Her fate is bad. She’s unlucky and so on. She was curious why I keep on snapping her pictures. She asked me am I a bad guy. Am I going to put curse on her.

She said you will never know the true colours of people. Well she’s right on that. A lot of us are acting, wearing a mask whenever we go. Some even go abroad by jilatting the boss, lick here and there and become so cheap.

I assured her that I am not a bad guy. I am not a holy man but at least I won’t harm people and not her. I told her where I’m from, where I study and what I’m doing here in KL.

It’s so delighting to see her smile looking at her picture from my DSLR screen.

She touches my heart.

At the end, before I left, I bought her a bottle of mineral water. I didn’t open it up as I fear that she might think I put poison in the drink.

Posting up this photo makes up my night. I had a not so smooth day. i made wrong decisionsss. I was so down. But i can see myself smiling now, before I close my eyes, waiting for a better day tomorrow.