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Thursday, 3 March 2011

WAU man!!

WAU!! so hapi 2see this photo in The Star la. NOT bcoz im in there la bt the photo is nice ma n bcoz it's taken by my fren. muahahaha.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyoh man!! so keng la!! in so proud of her. out of boredom, she sent a photo to The STar and it came out in today's paper.

Like that also can. hahahah!

I was the one who realised the photo in the newspaper. The first thing i did when i got the newspaper this morning was to look at the photos at the Thumbnails section.

And OMG! I saw a very familiar photo, and then a very familiar name. It's Cheong Jing Wen!! i screamed for joy and show everyone the photo. hahaha. It was such a happy moment.

SHe took this photo during our trip to Perlis last weekend.

You can also view the photo here

Ok now i can tell my mum i came out in the newspaper.. for no reason. Hahahhaha!

uni's life

Year 1: aiyooo uni life so sucks. i wana graduate fast2 la!

Year 2: oh yes! 2nd yr already, im graduating nx yr. =p

Year 3: =( sad la hv 2leave my frens. i dun wana graduate yet.

so does that rings a bell to you?