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Thursday, 11 August 2011

PERIBAHASA of the day

Mari kita belajar peribahasa.

Kalau dulu kita guna:

Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.

Tapi hari ini kita modify dan improvise sikit.

Banyak olang suka jalan-jalan kan? Suka pi sana. Suka pi sini. Tapi kalau itu duit talak, mana mau pigi? Pi terjun perigi la. Kalau mau main puas-puas, kao-kao and high-high, first you must have some money. I am not saying money is everything but you must have some money.

So for those who spend 100 times more than they earn especially those who are not working, you must save. You must not spend too much on unnecessarily things.

Your parents always ask you not to simply spend right? You must save right? Why you never listen har?!!

When you have enough money, you fly la!

The right peribahasa for this is:

Berjimat-cermat dahulu, berterbang-terbangan kemudian.

Ok it’s time to sleep. Good night.

Orang Asli Semai from Kampung Pos Dipang

Date: 21/11/2010

Time: 5.35pm

Venue: Kampung Pos Dipang, Kampar, Perak

Kampung Pos Dipang in Kampar, Perak was one of the first Orang Asli villages to be destroyed by a disaster in Malaysia. A mudslide due to a heavy rain gushed away the whole village on August 29 1996 about 6pm. The Orang Asli village was situated next to Sungai Dipang. A nearby Chinese village also got affected by the mudslide. The incident snatched away 44 lives but only 39 remains were found, the other 5 are still missing. The disaster is believed to be contributed by the logging activities nearby. True enough, when i went there, a huge area of the jungle were cleared. A lot of trees were chopped and ready to be transport out.

As i always say, development is good but not to the extent that it destroys us.