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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Orang Asli Semai from Kampung Pos Dipang

Date: 21/11/2010

Time: 5.35pm

Venue: Kampung Pos Dipang, Kampar, Perak

Kampung Pos Dipang in Kampar, Perak was one of the first Orang Asli villages to be destroyed by a disaster in Malaysia. A mudslide due to a heavy rain gushed away the whole village on August 29 1996 about 6pm. The Orang Asli village was situated next to Sungai Dipang. A nearby Chinese village also got affected by the mudslide. The incident snatched away 44 lives but only 39 remains were found, the other 5 are still missing. The disaster is believed to be contributed by the logging activities nearby. True enough, when i went there, a huge area of the jungle were cleared. A lot of trees were chopped and ready to be transport out.

As i always say, development is good but not to the extent that it destroys us.

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