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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Good morning!

My kepala hotak is so painful now. im so blur. I talk like a retarded person. Every words stumbled.

I slept at 5am yesterday and woke up at 7.30am this morning. Im doing self-damaged to myself. this is crazeee. Not that I dun wana sleep but how to sleep when works are not done. Don’t say I do last minute work. I DIDN’T. I know I didn’t. I gave all out, put so much efforts, spent time n money in what im doing now. n im not doing it alone. It’s a teamwork. That’s why we need each other. It’s also not about bad time management. When you already plan to do something, it’s not always that you can finish it in the period of time. Problems arise. Different ideas poured in etc.

I was waiting for a file from a friend. I’m a perfectionist. i want everything to be as perfect as possible. He sent the document for me, I edit n he re-do again. besides I feel bad if I go sleep and I let him do alone. Im not that kind of person who only gives instruction and never work together la.

I feel so relieved after settling everything. After a photoshoot n an interview with the lecturer for J-On this morning, I sent the documents n files to my friends in Penang. They are working their best there. thanks Chee Leng and Danish. Then I took a long nap till now since I don’t have class today. No meeting tonight. I just have 2 write-ups to be done.

Haha. headache, bodyache n hungry now. Now it’s time to eat. I feel like eating BESAR-BESAR! Cuz im happy la. mission accomplished sure la syiok. Makan is a happy thing. Anyone wana makan bergeda-geda? I wana belanja that evil KOW but she jual mahal. Busy la dia tu.

another busy day

Hi friends.

Im so surprised with myself that my blog is BLANK! I didn’t post up anything since last night. WOW!

I am so busy with stuffs in university. And yeah now is just second week.

Im officially busy from last Sunday, which means 2 days ago.

Ahaaha. Amboi I talk like a YB.

I just finished my meeting. Started from 9.30pm-2.30pm. again exactly 5 hours. All went back already. But im here still awake finishing stuffs.

Im working my ass out the whole day. Thank God there are good friends to help.

Im rajin d u noe. Haha. let me praise myself a bit la. cuz I am really becoming more hardworking. Seriously. I didn’t spend time on Facebooking. I didn’t sleep that much. I didn’t ponteng class.

And you know what? I didn’t even taken my bath yet since my class ended at 5.30pm. BUSY ma.. so busy to eat, bath, shit and sleep.

For the first time ever in my university life, I feel so BUSY n STRESS up. seriously.. im being so serious in what im doing now. im giving all out, putting all my efforts sweat and blood.

I slept so late. Wake up so early. Health will deteriorate a bit. But nvm la. it’s all worth it la. im enjoying every single moment of it. Im not whining or complaining. It’s just a sharing.

Right now my friend still helping me out. N we all have to wake up at 7am later. Crazeee! Before that many friends are helping as well. I feel so blessed, overwhelmed, grateful but at the same time I feel bad because I have to rouble them.

Tomorrow will be another busy day.

Just a small reminder la. for some people out there, please play fair and be gentleman la. don’t sabotage.