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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

another busy day

Hi friends.

Im so surprised with myself that my blog is BLANK! I didn’t post up anything since last night. WOW!

I am so busy with stuffs in university. And yeah now is just second week.

Im officially busy from last Sunday, which means 2 days ago.

Ahaaha. Amboi I talk like a YB.

I just finished my meeting. Started from 9.30pm-2.30pm. again exactly 5 hours. All went back already. But im here still awake finishing stuffs.

Im working my ass out the whole day. Thank God there are good friends to help.

Im rajin d u noe. Haha. let me praise myself a bit la. cuz I am really becoming more hardworking. Seriously. I didn’t spend time on Facebooking. I didn’t sleep that much. I didn’t ponteng class.

And you know what? I didn’t even taken my bath yet since my class ended at 5.30pm. BUSY ma.. so busy to eat, bath, shit and sleep.

For the first time ever in my university life, I feel so BUSY n STRESS up. seriously.. im being so serious in what im doing now. im giving all out, putting all my efforts sweat and blood.

I slept so late. Wake up so early. Health will deteriorate a bit. But nvm la. it’s all worth it la. im enjoying every single moment of it. Im not whining or complaining. It’s just a sharing.

Right now my friend still helping me out. N we all have to wake up at 7am later. Crazeee! Before that many friends are helping as well. I feel so blessed, overwhelmed, grateful but at the same time I feel bad because I have to rouble them.

Tomorrow will be another busy day.

Just a small reminder la. for some people out there, please play fair and be gentleman la. don’t sabotage.

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