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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

smiling Tuesday 30/3/2011

It’s such a beautiful day when u r feeling gud, doin gud, seeing smiles frm frens, sharing gud news n get congrats frm lecturers, gettin advises and philosophies frm Miss Tan Jue Jun, celebrate Mr. Afi Roshezry's bday, knowing friends PONTENG class and go to waterfall, selling UTAR Ball’s tix, UTAR Ball committee members so hardworkin, no 8am lecture, tokin 2mum, knowin my bro is ok frm acci, speding evenin wif Tze Huey at the garden, got a job as photographer for few events, snapped nice panorama photos n of cos the weather is nice 2day. wahaha =p

see life is nice la.. =p