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Sunday, 15 August 2010

'Invitation' from the Guards

Ok this is what happened.

Around 7.15pm I went to the tallest building in New Town, Kampar which is the majestic Grand Kampar Hotel.

Oklo.. I went in la. I went there cuz I wana snap pictures la. people working there looking at me u noe.. I pretended talking to someone in the phone then I quickly got into the lift la.

I was like shit la. will the guard come and catch me and charge me for trespassing? I didn’t care much la. I went to the highest floor that can reach by the lift. Then I use staircase to the rooftop which is definitely a forbidden or kawasan larangan la.

Nice view weih! Superb man!

Then in less than 1 minute, 3 guards came. THREE ok!!

I was like oh no..

Then they ‘invited’ me to go down.

Fulamak! I ni YB ke. Kena 3 guards mai ajak I turun. Hahaha.

He asked me what am I doing there. I said taking pictures la. then I said 5 minutes only, 5 minutes only.

But I finished shooting in 3 minutes. Then I cabut la.

I gatai I noe..

Im so addicted to panorama shot recently. Can’t help it.

I went there to take pictures before but nothing happened. And that Derek Bong went there for an hour also nothing happen.

Why ah??

Hmmm.. maybe because I look too pro already la. hahaa.

I went there with short pants n sandal some more with a bulky tripod, look so pro with a huge camera. So obvious wana take picture. Of course they are suspicious la..


Hahaa I got the photos that I want. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Hahaha have you had that experience before??

I tell you it’s nice man!

You should try it but don’t try this at home. =p

Lesson to be learned. If u wana do something in a hotel, make sure u stay in that hotel. =p

Wah damn sleepy la.. but still early lah. But raining time is the best time to sleep you noe. But I haven’t unpack my begs, clean my room, do laundry and do assignment.

Who cares!!

Let’s call it a day la then. Sakit perut pulak tu!

Semua orang pi tido! Good nite!


Kampar vs Cameron Highlands.

WAH!! What a BIG difference.

Anyway, GREAT escapade with classmates. sampat ka boi si. l

et's travel again! =p