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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic badminton final, Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan

WAAA whole day so excited for the showdown between our beloved Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan in the Olympic badminton final. The final has been a hot topic among the people in the kopitiam. Politics put aside, today is about sports. Sports is uniting us once again, something which the politicians fail to do. Tonight all eyes will be glued to the TV at homes and big LCD screen at the mamaks. No matter what’s the outcome, u r our HERO. All the best DLCW. This will be the match of the year! 

Kampar people, let’s go to MM and Ghany. so hard to find BIG screens in Penang lah... 

The match is at 8pm tonight! TV1 is not broadcasting it lah.Go watch Astro.

*LCW if u come back with the gold, or even a silver, it’ll be the best present for our Merdeka, nothing to do with Janji Ditepati. hahaha!*