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Friday, 28 October 2011

Finally in The Star

This was from The Star today. Friday 28/10/2011.

After waiting and trying hard for months since June, i'm seeing my name in The Star Thumbnails again today. 

Feel so touched and thankful.

Welcome to UTAR Kampar

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Most importantly, if you want to feel the breathtaking scenic view, nature, fresh air, golden sunset, chilling wind, and the laid back life, you MUST come to UTAR Kampar.

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*I don't get paid for promoting UTAR Kampar ok. I just love being here. =p*

Give Thais A Helping Hand

Bangkok's landmark Grand Palace is seen flooded October 27, 2011. The floods are expected to take a toll on Thailand's tourism industry, which employs more than 2 million people and makes up 6 percent of GDP. -REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad - 27 October, 2011

ST John Ambulance Malaysia’s (SJAM) Penang branch is initiating a project to assist disaster relief efforts for flood victims in Thailand.

SJAM state commander Datuk Dr Yee Thiam Sun said the project, named ‘Humanitarian Mission for Thailand’, was carried out in response to instructions given by the Prime Minister’s Department.

“We are ordered by the department to be the main coordinator in the northern region to gather resources from various NGOs and charity organisations here to help Thailand,” he said.

He said a centre would be set up at SJAM Penang headquarters on Grove Road to collect items that meet the immediate needs of flood victims.

Yee said items needed are first aid kits, survival kits, drinking water, life jackets, camping lamps, flashlights, mosquito repellent, mosquito nets, rowing boats, rafts, tents, rubber boots, effective microorganism (EM), water pumps, electricity generators, drinking water supply mobile units, drinking water tanks and mobile toilets.

“We need help from the public. They are welcome to bring the items to the collecting centre during office hours, which is from 9am to 5pm,” he told a press conference in George Town.

He added that SJAM would like to recruit volunteers for a trip to Bangkok for disaster relief and restoration works.

“We have yet to finalise the time to go there, it depends on the coordination with the Thai government,” he said.

Thai consul-general Voradet Viravakin, who was also at the press conference, said he appreciated SJAM’s offer to help Thailand battle the worst floods in 50 years.

For item contribution and volunteer recruitment, call SJAM Penang on 04-8285972 during office hours.

Donations can be deposited into SJAM’s savings account at Public Bank Berhad. The account number is 3170193000.

Nabi S.A.W. bersabda..

Dari Abu Hurairah r.a bahwasanya Nabi S.A.W. bersabda: ( sebaik-baik hari dimana matahari terbit adalah hari Juma'at, di hari itu Adam diciptakan, dan pada hari itu dimasukkan ke syurga, dan pada hari itu dikeluarkan darinya, dan tidak terjadi hari kiamat kecuali pada hari Juma'at) (HR. Muslim)

is Thailand ok?

The flood in Thailand is getting worse.

I pity them la. What can we do in Malaysia to help?

They are lack of food supply. Homes got swept away. Crime will increase. Students cant go to school. People can't go to work. They can't move around. They don't have clean water to drink. If the water level is too high, people can get gush away also you know.. Everything will be so problematic and chaotic.

I wonder if Thailand needs volunteer or first aider or not. I'm so willing to go there to lend my hand.

Buddha please bless Thailand and its people. Make sure they are safe. Materials broken or go missing can't be buy back but not lives.