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Thursday, 4 November 2010

im working, people


Things that you might not know.

it's not that i didn't do anything.

i did a lot of things.


students don't know what i did.

i didn't tell everyone everything that i did for them.

i didn't tell because i am sincere.

i didn't tell because i feel i don't have to announce to the world what i have done.

i didn't tell because i don't want to have the impression that im showing off.

i didn't tell because it's not the way i work.

it's my job. it's my responsibility.

A friend said to me, "There's no need for you to tell. As long as you know you did it, it's good enough."

Yes i agree. I totally agree. in fact, i always practice that.

but in reality, this way is not working.

it's human nature that people wana see you are doing something. the students wana know and they need to know what i've done for them.

when people don't see, they will say you do nothing.

ok i will try to tell more after this.

if that's what the people want.

wow KTAR staffs

falling in LOVE with a KTAR staff's ATTITUDE. ahhh.. she's so sweet, friendly, polite, approachable, always smile, good command of English, look at us when she tok 2us. KTAR staffs left me with a GOOD impression.