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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

FLU and EP

arrghh!! i just woke up 10mins ago. what's da time now??

4.40am!! my friend still doing our EP presentation! kamsiah siang yong! sorry la kenot help you do the slides. U noe y. im super sick. I got flu since last night. N it got worse this morn until i tak larat to go to school. i've done the write up b4 i slept at 3am jz now. It's a group work la bt another group member didn't come. aih.. suakla. anyway...


SOME TIPS 2 recover from fllu:
1. BLANKET urself fully from head to toe
2. SWITCH OFF all ur FANS or any electrical equipments that produce wind
3. CLOSE the windows
4. SWEAT or PELUHKAN urself
5. of cos kena TAKE MEDICINE la

anyway, siang yong, U did a great job. the slides are reali nice n PRO. Macam some big company's presentation. Haha. thx again ya! u reali good in computer stuffs.

ok...time to sleep again. sign out 4now. gnite. tata.