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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

1Malaysia ah??

halo. so if you don't know, let me let you know. i have another blog la.

ok now you know.

that's all. hehe.

that second blog is more on serious tone. er.. where i try to write in a formal way, where i repost news articles or good write-ups, and i post some non-personal photos there.

so 1Malaysia ah?

click on the link below and read what i wrote la. =p

kata-kata hikmat

"Dalam dunia ni tak ada orang yang pandai dan orang yang bodoh, cuma ada yang rajin dan malas."

~ Nur Atiqah


wow wow!

today is Wednesday.

nothing special la.

but the date is 8-9-10!!



such a unique day we must do something la.

ok what??


yes i'll study today..

i wana be good boy for today.

then later wana go pray. today is the first day of Chinese lunar month ma..

then maybe go buy ticket back to Penang la. if still ada la..

i think i wana go home la..

i miss Penang, i miss my friends, i miss Raya..

by the way, i slept so early last night.

huh?? what time ah..

just now lo..

6.30am lo..

early morning ma..

early la. not meh???

riwayat Muslim

"Sesiapa yang berpuasa Ramadan kemudian dia mengiringi puasanya dengan enam hari dari bulan Syawal, maka (pahalanya) seolah-olah berpuasa selama setahun."

looking for Miss Anonymous

I’m looking for a person la. A human being. A friend la!


Where are you har??

I didn’t hear from you for such a long time already.

Do you know that you have been missing from action for 3 months already??

You sleep so early meh??

You ok ah??

If not ok I wana report polis liao.

*Miss Anonymous is a friend, someone who always drops by my blog and shares her life stories.