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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Live From 113A

selamat tengah hari good afternoon.

anda bersama saya, Mr. Oh, Tv presenter paling hot pada tahun ini mengikut survey daripada Nielsen.

live reporting ini dibawakan secara eksklusif and free sama lu menerusi satelit A584B

saya melaporkan dari Class 111A. hahah!

Im now in Introduction to Advertising class.

Waiting for me n my group’s turn to do presentation.

Waaaa I smell so nice. Huhu. Body Shop’s perfume ma. U noe ah! Im handsome today!

Yala! Handsome la. kenapa?! Tak percaya ker??

took pics with so many ppl!

Argghh! Damn! shit! Suddenly mau berak la. sakit perut.

MAU P TOILET!! No time to poo poo la.

bye! gtg!

Raining outside.

3 presentations in 1 day

Yawwnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Awwwwwwwwwwwww… im so so sleepy! My eyes are sticking like UHU.

I woke at around 7am because I have class at 8am. But I didn’t go because I haven’t finish preparing for my presentations later.


1) 12.30pm – 2pm Mass Media and Society
2) 2pm – 3.30pm Introduction To Advertising
3) 4.30pm – 6pm English For Mass Communication

Then I slept again n just woke up at 10pm.

I’ve been away from university for a week last week. So all the presentations have to bring forward to this week. After today we’ll be free. No more assignments. No more presentations.

Haha! so I’ll go n finish up my slides now n have a cup of power ‘kopi o kowkow’.

QUOTE of the day

"You have to leave your past to enjoy the present."

- Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen