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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Happy World Press Freedom Day

This is my Yellow Ribbon in support of World Press Freedom Day. It was given to me in 2010 during the lauching of Speaker's Square in Esplanade, Penang.

Happy World Press Freedom Day everyone.

The celebration was on 3rd May 2011.

I know i am late for like 1 day but it's ok. I was and still occupied for my finals ma. World Press Freedom is not only for a day but throughout the whole day. The fight for a free press will be going on until we achieve it one day.

Coincidentally on World Press Freedom Day, i had an exam on the subject of Politics and Media. hahaa. How irony is that when in studies, we talk about media freedom but in actual life, we actually don't have that.

I wrote this in my Facebook yesterday: it's 12am. it's May 3rd. It's World Press Freedom Day. i just hope that one day, the media in Malaysia will be more independent, neutral and free from Government control. let us at least against racist media for nation sake.

I don't know what we can do actually. but let's do something. Let's make a demand, a protest or a boycott to bad media.

DO you know that Malaysia is now ranks 143 out of 196 countries in the latest Global Press Freedom Index released by Freedom House from USA? What do you think about that huh??

You can decide what press you want you know.. The choice is in your hand.