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Monday, 31 August 2009

balik lumah 'tong tong chiang'

im back to kampar.. my second home.

what a journey. i was in a batman's car. the driver really crazy. 130-140km/h. fuh.. my heart felt like dropping. luckily i took a nap.

started our journey from Butterworth at 8.30pm. usually if i take bus, i'll reach kampar in 3hrs. but this time i reached my room in 1 hour and 55mins! arrghh!

im actually in my towel now. just p**. hehe i was planning to eat but it's too late d la. if i eat now, later kenot sleep, later kenot wake up for sahur.

i plan to mandi but lazy la.. nvm. we postponed again to tmr k?

i wana wake up early tmr at 5am to do something which are:

1) cuci toilet n kasut

2) laundry

3) clean my room

4) prepare food for sahur

5) edit wedding photos

6) take pics of my baju melayu and songkok

7) update my notes for final

8) choose my timetable for next semester

9) ...........

so peeps. buh-bye la. c u all tmr la. wana go oink2 d. gnite. tata.