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Monday, 28 November 2011

pain like dying

i have been in severe pain since last Saturday.

i puke what i eat.

i got diarrhoea.

Most importantly my stomach is seriously extremely pain.

Doctor said i got gastric.

I got an injection. I paid a higher price for the so-called more powerful medicines.

But no difference.

i can just curl up myself on the bed everyday.

I feel like a deadman.

Feel so disabled.

so useless..

There's nothing i can do.

I cant even sit on the chair.

I cant stand when i bath.

I cant walk properly.

I shiver when i ride my bike.

It just feels like i'm dying.

the pain is unbearable.

i always got stomachpain. I always lausai. my stomach always not ok. But it never as pain as this.


Why now..

I have my Final Year Project presentation on Wednesday and an assignment's presentation on Friday.

I cant afford to be hospitalised.

I'm holding on.

But.. It feels so impossible,

Time is running out.

you may think it's not that serious but wait until you come and look it yourself.

why i still blog.

cuz i dun have to think academically when i write.

i need to blog so that at least people know what happened if i died.. or if i'm hospitalised.

i've shrink..

i wana go home..

my family didn't know i'm sick.

ok.. back to the patient's bed.

*everyone will die. so do it. but before i die, at least let me get a scroll for my family first.*

new day

Date: 14/2/2011

Time: 7.54am

Venue: Penang