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Friday, 21 May 2010

booksales make me sick


Shopping for books turned out so badly.

I went to Popular for its booksales. 90% discount ok.

How funny is it.

Buying books make me sick.

My head is so heavy and painful. Nose keeps running. Suddenly got diarrhea.

Feel so unwell.

Okay good night people. I need to take medicine n sleep now. bye.

my sister just never listen

okok chill chill.

i know i should not be angry.

but im just pissed off with my sister.

again, she came home by herself although i supposed to pick her up!

tulan lo i tell u!

this is not the first time. many times already.

usually my mum will pick her up. but today my mum can't.

again i went to fetch her. waited for her for 20minutes. then her friend came to me and said your sister went back already!

i was like WHAT!! not again!

She didn't even wait for me. i was just late for 2 minutes.

her school is just behind my apartment but it's dangerous for my sister to walk home. she's a girl and she's still a kid.

i scolded her before. i warned her so many times not to do that again but she just never listen!

i asked her never walk home even if mum is late. wait! if people ask you to wait, you wait. no one knows where are you if you are not there waiting.

what if something happen when she walks home?? u tell me.

you know, my mum scold me when my sister walks back alone.

fuh.. im not gona scold her. i wont. im done with it. im so disappointed with her.


PERIBAHASA of the day

"1 hari hiking a kali, lama-lama pangsai pun selesa sekali."

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 21/5/2010 1.00am
~ via MSN


First of all, thank you Kow Kwan Yee, gua mia senior for taking this photo. Secondly, fuyooo this picture is nice. Thirdly i love this picture!!

Seriously this is a good photo. Why? Ok cuz i look good. And the model, ahem, so natural. I just love the feeling of this photo. It's like.. So warm.. So friendly.. So sweet. SO vintage. I fall in love with my own smile lah!

It's like some Apek Cina just arrived in the tongkang. haha!

ei, I think im quite handsome also la hor in the photo.

wahahahah! im gona stare at this photo the whole night!

I love the photographer la for taking this lovely picture of this loving man.

a reminder..

Be rational, don't get emotional.