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Friday, 21 May 2010


First of all, thank you Kow Kwan Yee, gua mia senior for taking this photo. Secondly, fuyooo this picture is nice. Thirdly i love this picture!!

Seriously this is a good photo. Why? Ok cuz i look good. And the model, ahem, so natural. I just love the feeling of this photo. It's like.. So warm.. So friendly.. So sweet. SO vintage. I fall in love with my own smile lah!

It's like some Apek Cina just arrived in the tongkang. haha!

ei, I think im quite handsome also la hor in the photo.

wahahahah! im gona stare at this photo the whole night!

I love the photographer la for taking this lovely picture of this loving man.


  1. Wah, cantiknya! Pemandangan tu memang cantik la... hahaha ^____^ - miss A

  2. hahaha. pemandangan je ke? yeala the view memang nice. =p