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Saturday, 23 January 2010

old people #23

23/1/2010 3.10pm Jalan Ampang, Kampar, Perak

Old but still strong. This fruit seller is already 84-year-old but he still can operate a small fruit stall by the roadride with the help of his daughter and a maid. He's the one who cut the fruits and the price is so cheap.

Photos of Sharing Session with Beh Lih Yi from AFP

wana see the photos is it?? waakakakaa. ok click this

Things To Do This Weekend

first week of new semester is still relaxing. Not that stress yet la...

Tiffany is still in Kampar. haha. wat the tooot! she woke up late. and im going out for lunch with Poovan now. i have quite a number of things to sort out this weekend.

1. post pictures of Pei Suang's birthday and Li Theng's farewell.

2. finish up my public speaking final competition speech.

3. plan my Thaipusam this year.

4. fotostate and prepare notes for lecture next week.

5. blog about the dragon boat tragedy etc.

6. do laundry and housekeeping.

7. repair my bike

8. wash my dishes

9. unload aka unpack stuffs from my luggage

10. go for City Tour organised by UTAR.

QUOTE of the day

"Plan as if you'll live forever but live as if you'll die tomorrow."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen

what a real dream

I just had a dream again. a real one. It was so real that I thought it happened in reality.

I had supper with Vivien n Tiffany until 6am. Tiff said if im still awake by 7am, please send her to the bus stop cz she’s going back to Ipoh. I said ok n I decided to send her la. The distance from our hostel to the bus stop is really far. Since I have a bike here, since Tiff is one my best buddies here, so okla help each other ma.

But then I fell asleep after that and I just woke up. Tiff didn’t even call me. I think she dun wana trouble me la. but the thing is, it’s so funny cz in my dream, I told Viv that I feel so bad for not fetching Tiff and I apologised to Tiff. I thought it’s real and the thing settled la but no it’s not.

Omg I feel so bad la. I don’t know whether she reaches Ipoh d anot. My hp expired d. sorry Tiff.