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Saturday, 23 January 2010

what a real dream

I just had a dream again. a real one. It was so real that I thought it happened in reality.

I had supper with Vivien n Tiffany until 6am. Tiff said if im still awake by 7am, please send her to the bus stop cz she’s going back to Ipoh. I said ok n I decided to send her la. The distance from our hostel to the bus stop is really far. Since I have a bike here, since Tiff is one my best buddies here, so okla help each other ma.

But then I fell asleep after that and I just woke up. Tiff didn’t even call me. I think she dun wana trouble me la. but the thing is, it’s so funny cz in my dream, I told Viv that I feel so bad for not fetching Tiff and I apologised to Tiff. I thought it’s real and the thing settled la but no it’s not.

Omg I feel so bad la. I don’t know whether she reaches Ipoh d anot. My hp expired d. sorry Tiff.

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