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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Penang Bridge, 21KM, i am coming!

It’s time. about 1 hour from now I will be running on Penang Bridge, a marathon event that will be endorsed by the Malaysia’s Book of Records.

My heart pumping fast just by just looking at the 21km marathon route. Still couldn’t believe that I am running Half Marathon 21km.

This is my first time joining half marathon for any running competition.

I never felt as excited, nervous and anxious as before in any running competition. I couldn’t sleep thinking of the run later.

I must thank Edmund for the inspiration. It’s because of his challenge that I joined Half Marathon. But sadly he can’t join because he is hospitalized for denggi. I will complete the run for him.

The starting time is so crazy. 3am is the starting time. 3am is a sleeping time la aduih. We are givern 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the race in order to get a certificate and a finishing medal. 

Someone I know is running blindfolded for a charity. Please donate some money for his noble cause. Click this link to know more

I bought a Powerbar just nw. . It’s an energy booster. It contains 9g of proein. Uhhh.. that’s high. I need it for my run later. The price is high too. RM9 for something like Cloud 9. What to do.. Wa bo lat ma.

I slept for only 1 hour. Just hope that I wont fall asleep while running.

Oh ye OCE! Go go go!

Im coming Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011. It’s about the heart n mind. C u guys on the bridge. Watch out for the runner with a DSLR!

All the best everyone! 

I am not aiming to be the champion, What I want is to just complete the race in 3 hours.