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Friday, 12 March 2010

today is 12th

it's 12th again..

i forgot when was the last time 12th was so significant for me.

but anyhow, 12th of every month will always be remembered. that's only one reason behind it.

i'll just keep the reason by myself.

12th is a special day. it'll always be a special day.

today is 12th.

nothing is gona change the story if 120806.

it's the most beutiful story about love that ever happened in my life.

it didn't last long but the duration is enough to carve a smile in my heart that last forever.

i shall remember this day till my last breath.


  1. U shall remember it as long as it makes u feel happy lor ^__^ hehe - miss A

  2. aiyo dun be sad lor..
    i blanJA u one day sushi golden telor..
    ^___^ - miss A

  3. ^______________________^ - miss A