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Saturday, 3 March 2012

OCE, the wedding photographer?

If people ask me to take wedding photograph, yes I would love to do it because I can earn at least few hundred ringgit a day. If the wedding couple is nice enough and they know the market price, they might pay me up to a thousand ringgit or more. I prefer wedding day photography than pre-wedding. But I don’t really like this type of photography. Why so?

-          I don’t have good gadjets.
-          I don’t like and I feel uncomfortable to ask people to pose for photos.
-          I don’t like to edit photos.
-          It’s tiring.
-          People especially friends can take you for granted and give you a very small amount of angpau.
-          Money is never my priority in photography. I do it for passion and satisfaction.

All these reasons will make me turn down the offer.

Anyhow whenever friends ask me to take photograph for whatever occasion, I always agree to do that. No money? No problem! It’s simple, it’s because of friendship.

Whenever I pick up my camera, I am sincere and serious in taking pictures. I do my best to deliver the photos needed.

*maybe I’m late to deliver the photos. That’s my weakness. =p*