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Monday, 20 September 2010

my photo in Thumbnails, The Star

This photo was taken at Malim Nawar on 6/9/2010 4.06pm

You people click this link la ye. I cannot printscreen it in this computer lah.

Jing Si Aphorisms

To live in peace, we must have inner peace. To have inner peace, we must have a clear conscience. When our conscience is clear and our mind at peace, we bring peace and bliss to those around us. 

~ Master Cheng Yen (Tzu ZHi)

Virus in The Sound?!!

Virus in my blog??


how in the world my blog contains malware or virus.

how can such a ahem.. nice and cute and innocent blog like this contains virus.

A friend of mine from Penang printscreen this notification and show me. Its says my blog contains elements from Dr. Mahathir's blog which appears to host malware.

So i should delete his blog's link from my blog la huh???

ok i'll delete NOW!

people better don't go to that virus page la ye.. later u also kena virus.

ANyway, thanks Michelle Ooi. =p

i feel so GATAI


GATAI ooooo... gatai means itchy la. ITCHY ooooo...

i tell u har... Hiking in Kampar will either make you bleed or itchy.

i love hiking so much and i don't mind and i love it if i fall or if i got bruises back home.

but hiking in Kampar is different case.

the LEECH will suck ur blood.

the MOSQUITO will suck ur blood too!

i went hiking last Saturday and today is Monday. 3days already but i still damn gatai damn itchy!

i have to garu here garu there ALL THE TIME!

the mosquitoes in the jungle damn fat. they are like ants, attack ur skin ur flesh. u'll freak out when you really experience it. a whole group of mosquitoes just gather and enjoying meal on your skin.


memamng cilaka gatai!

see now i have to garu again...