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Thursday, 17 December 2009

'takke' ah??

Just a few minutes before 12am, my sister came to me and she asked how to say fold clothes in Bahasa Malaysia.

i didn't give much attention to her. im still mad at her i guess. then she asked again. so i said 'melipat baju'. i wondered why she asked me that all of a sudden. i hoped it was for her homework.

then i went out to the hall. she was in the room folding her clothes. i looked at her laptop. she was chatting with Vivien. she told Vivien that she's going to 'ji' baju. 'Ji' means fold in Hokkien. she asked Vivien to asked me if she doesnt understand.

i was like.. i feel bad. she always ask me smtg bcoz she need to know about smtg. n i never pay attention to her. I was like lazy to answer her questions. She still ask me although i dun wana answer her. She's the kind who'll seek for an answer by herself. She wont tell me why she ask. Yes, sometimes i got frustrated because i duno why she asks me certain things.

She calls me 'takke' which means elder brother. She talks to me more then she talks to my brother.

she loves me. i know she loves me.

i am sorry..


  1. ahh..that's so sweet!!... in my opinion, dat shows u how much ur sister really loves u based on her acting towards u anyway.. yeah, perhaps talking about feelings is not one of our strong parts but actions do speak most of the time. bt it's nvr too late 2 try to tell her/ppl u love abt ur feelings.. it's easy ma.. like 'i luv u my sis'.. try 2 write down this simple but meaningful line to ur sis with a help of ur cute cards ke.. colour paper maybe.. anything la... asal blh tulis.. jgn kepingan kaca u mau bantai skali oooo... hehe.. gud luck to u n to all of us!

  2. im so teruk right?? i agree that action speaks louder than words. some people prefer to keep their feelings than showing it. it's not easy to say i love you. hmmm.. i'll say it. i'll say it. btw, u are???

  3. u r not teruk one la.. u still ok.. i mean, u still got kesedaran about it b4 it's too late.. i know it isn't easy as it sounds la but i know u're a gud brother.. n gonna be a gud future husband n father.. hehe.. sending her an e-mail with this line ' i luv my sis' maybe could help u a bit.. ^___^ .. mm.. i'm not ur friend anyway.. i'm a shy girl.. n i love reading ur funny korban cow story.. haha.. well, i do hope u dun mind to have my comments here.. as anonymous person.. ^___^

  4. im conscious abt it. i noe.. just that sometimes we use the wrong approach to express our feelings. we love someone but we don't know how to show it. and that make things upside down. i wana be a husband n father too. hahaha. i dun mind u comment on my blog la. i love it!! haha.