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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Letter To The God

God, 2009 is going to end soon. Very soon. I wana thank you for the guidance, blessing and protection you gave me throughout the whole year. Im sorry too for the wrongdoings I made. I know im bad.. I did try to be a better man but I failed.. why?? Im not gona give u any reasons. I know n You know.

I believe in you God. some people only pray to you when they are scared of ghost, when they are admitted into the hospital and when they are in troubles. But I always pray to you no matter im in good or bad condition. I always pray for others n not myself.

Anyway, I wana make a last wish. I wana ask for one last thing from you. A last one.. I promised it’s the last one. No more wishes after this for the rest of 2009. This is not about my final exam. I’ll work on it myself on my exam. no use I pray hard but I don’t work hard right.

God, the time is now. Im going to the hospital now to get my blood test results. I am very nervous right now. very. I just constipated because im too scared. My heart is beating very fast.

I pray to you that my blood is ok. I hope the doctor will tell me that. Please.. You are the only one I can turn to now. if my blood is ok, other people is ok as well. I dun wana trouble anyone. I don’t one. If I have to suffer for my sins, let me bear it all myself.

Please let me get a good results. Please.. I promise you if my blood is ok, I WILL BE ON VEGETARIAN DIET FOR 3 DAYS, PUASA FOR 1 WEEK AND I WILL PARTICIPATE IN THAIPUSAM NEXT YEAR.

Very 1 Malaysia rite??

I need spiritual strength right now. im going now.. I pray that everything will turn out ok. I want 2010 to be a great year ahead. I know some people is waiting eagerly to know the results. I dun wana let anyone down, including myself.

Thank you God.

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