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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

aku flying kat cloud 9

well, it's nice to be back in Kampar.

especially when i managed to made it for a movie with friends.

that's the reason why i took 2pm bus.

first, i must thanks Adeline for the date. haha.

second, it's so nice to meet up with Vanitha again. wheee!

we went out for dinner together for the first time ever.

then we went to a chuch for a movie screening. it's also a place for the students to have a proper place to hang out and to study. seriously it's a nice place.

we watched a movie Facing The Giants.

well, the movie is superb.

it touches on the teacing of Christianity.

the movie uses sports as the subject of the movie.

i was screaming as if im watching a live rugby tournament.

i learn new things.

what matters is the message behind the movie.

it is priceless. a lot of lessons to be leant.

the movie is just amazing, fantastic, inspiring!

i feel so UMMPHH, energetic, spirited, highly motivated, inspired, boosted, nostalgic n grateful tonight after watching the movie.

i feel more relax n calm tonite. i feel so light. so fragile. haha.

im in great mood.

im happy.

im flying.

im on cloud nine.

thanks again to Adeline Wok for asking me to join her for the movie screening.

it's always nice to talk to her. she is a sweet girl. =p

the feeling is just like meeting up with your long lost friend from primary school n u just talk everything about your life and your dreams n ur thoughts.

but actually we met randomly. n then we just get a long lo. n i dun have to pretend to be someone else.

thanks for the great nite.

hidup Adeline, hidup Pandan Girl!


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