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Friday, 26 February 2010

i live on an island

after almost 3 hours on the bus, 30 minutes waiting for ferry, 20 minutes on the ferry and 15 minutes on motorbike, finally i am home.

it just feels so nice to be back again.

believe me or not, im not sick anymore. hahaha.

im not sure whether you realised or not, Penangites are so proud of their island especially ME!!

yes i am proud of Penang, the tiny island that has so much to give and has produced a lot of achievements.

this is the place where i grow and live since i was born.

no where else feels more like home. it's so calm n stress free to be on the island.

just ask me anything about Penang and i think i can answer you.

If you want to avoid the traffic, u can use the shortcuts n backlanes.

Penang has everything that you are looking for.

Nature, politics, industrial, sports, religious activities, cultural celebration, food, heritage, entertainment etc ect.

I still remember a friend telling me that she was so skeptical and scared that our Penang bridge will collapsed when she came to Penang for the first time. hahaha.

This is where i belong. I was born here and i'll die here.


  1. Okie, macam mana penang dapat nama Penang? sila hang jawab.. hahaha ^__^ *joke* hehe.. I also love Penang even tho I'm from KL.. bcoz I love Penang nasi kandaq n Penang Char Kuey Teow! Hehe.. ^__^ - miss A

  2. hohoho! u r still awake! i just reached home! how r u? miss u la. so long never hear from u d. come to Penang, i jadi ur tour guide for FREE! =p

  3. Yeah, I am awake still.. hehehe... ^__^ miss me ah? *blushing* hehehe...... I'm doing good n notty recently... hehe... Yeah, one day, I'll go to Penang for d food n for U la! eh, I mean with U la.. ^__^ hehe.. *joke* so how r u, mr busy man for d whole month? ^__^- miss A

  4. hahaha! miss u la. yes i am really BUSY for this whole month of March. penat gila babi!! so what r u notti-ing about huh? haha. u noe, u must tell me your name, your occupation and age now. don't care!

  5. OPS... huhu.. I'm juz an ordinary girl la..n got nothing special la.. n bla bla la la.. ^__^ hehe.. what can I say is sooner or later we'll meet okie? but now I choose 2 stay hidden behind my wall.. huhu ^__^ so sorry *__* huhu - miss A

  6. don't be so humble la. u hav been such a good friend but i don't even know who u r. it's like smtg is missing u noe. hmmm.. nvmler.. i'll wait for the day. =p

  7. Well, as long as U know that I'm a girl from KL, I think that's enough la ^__^..I mean at this moment. But thanks for being understanding ^__^ I am really truly n appreciate it.. hehe ^__^ Ops I need 2 offline now, talk 2 u again okie? ^__^ nite2! ^__^ - miss A

  8. hahaha. okok. i understand. u'll remain anonymous and mysterious ok. hope u r not angry. im sorry if i ask too much. =p im curious ma.. u tc k. c u again. gnite. tata.