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Friday, 26 February 2010

bye bye Kampar

its's time to say bye bye. =p

yes im going back to Penang again. Thank God im recovering. the rain also has stop. Thank you Pauline, my housemate because she's sending me to the bus stop later. =p

it's worth it i didn't go back this morning cuz i did a lot of things today.

1. i woke up early in the morning. i Berak / Pangsai /  Shit. then i bathed and i had a muffin for my breakfast.

2. then i washed by bedsheet and blanket. i dried my bed in the balcony.

3. i online. i received a very meaningful e-mail from Yoke Pinn. hahah. the e-mail really makes my day. it's a bout a photography competition la. ish!

4. Sotong asked me to go for lunch together. I agreed. but then i CIRIT. ish.

5. So i didn't go lo. i went to Sara's hse for Vege lunch. yummy. everything is so spicy!!

6. Then i rushed to Old Town around 1.30pm to give photographs to the Ah Kong Ah Ma. too bad one of them went out. Then i rushed to Gopeng to give picture to another Ah Ma. their smile erased all my sadness this week n cure my sickness. I'm happy to see them smile looking at their own photograph. They are happy. =p

7. I reached home and i fold my clothes nicely. put new bedsheet. i clean my room.

8. i upload pictures in FB.

9. it was raining so heavily at 5pm. by 6pm i couldn't take it anymore. im damn hungry. so i cooked magee for me n my hsemate. SEDAP. i stole 2 bijik eggs from the fridge. hehe. wat to do, i need to put eggs ma, i cannot use my own eggs la.

10. packing to balik kampung.
ok got to go. i haven't finish packing. bus at 7.14pm n i have to leave by 7pm. see you in Penang. oh ya!!
2010 is gona be a great year!! YESSH! ROARRR!!


  1. oiii chin eng!!! hahhahahaha
    those eggs u took from the fridge are from penang!!!!

  2. ooppps! hahaha. i think i know the eggs belong to who d. ahhaha. i'll buy 2 eggs from Penang n put it back k? thank you.

  3. hahhaha nonid la..
    just kidding