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Sunday, 6 June 2010

i love my roomate


chill la. i know he's a guy but it's ok. i can still love him.

i noe la girl roomates are more loving, caring and understanding. they always have pillow talk la, hug each other la etc la.

guys also can what. i practise feminism ok.


im not gona hug or kiss my roomate la.

he's a nice guy la, since the 1st day staying with me.

yeala, im nice, of course he's nice.


serriously la he's a nice guy. he came back this morning. i was sleeping. That's why he didn't come in, he left his begs outside n went out. he scared if he opens the door, he'll wake me up.


n he brought me two bachang! bachang is glutinous rice wrapped in pandan leaves. tau ka? taktau sudah. Chinese will celebrate bachang festival this weekend. I wana go back but i can't la. i have BIG thing to do in university. hehe.

anyway i just cleaned my room. i think i love to do house cleaning. i cannot stay in a dirty room la! eeew! i did laundry etc. he helped me in clening our room.

ok i love my roomate. i'll take care of him. his gf can leave him for me when he's in Kampar. nyeh nyeh nyeh.

*evil smile*


  1. Hahahahahhahaha ^___^.... *evil smile* huh? =P Hahahaha... ^__^ - miss A