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Monday, 15 March 2010

JOKE of the day

funny meh? not funneh meh? u read and see. if not farnee, u slap urself lo. if farnee, u laugh lo.

i think it's is farnee lo. kenapa?? tak percaya ah?

wa kasi lu tau. lu mia telinga korek dengar baek baek!

the story ini maciam.

Mr. OCE jalan-jalan wif her fren, Sara after dinner. in the way home, they met a fren tengah busy beli SATAY!! sedap mia satay! panjang besar gemuk berlemak murah dan sedap!

so they happily chit-chat makan kit-kat. long fren sudah lama no see. happy lo.

the guy's name is Teh Huan Wen. i repeat again. Teh Huan Wen. for ur information, he's the one who bang the table n walked our from EP class dengan penuh gaya mutu keunggulan. wa suspect sama lu! TABIK SPRING!! so sexy!

so anyway, Mr. Oh and Mr. Teh complained to each other about their hectic weeks. Both also takmau kalah. both also busy cokodok basi pungkok tak cuci tak gosok gigi nasi lemak pun basi.

if a lot of assignments, presentations and midterm tests, means cannot sleep that much la. must reduce sleeping time la. kena kopek mata besar-besar la.

u guess n see apa Mr. Teh ciakap. im so impressed with his speech. it's so penuh with cahaya, hope, opportunity, love and sweet.


Mr. Oh n Sara terus kena electric shock. thunder and kilat shoot here n there from their kelapa hotak. they were blurred but impressed.

usually people will feel sleepy if eat a lot but now it's proven that it's not true. eat a lot then you can stay awake for whole night. throw away your coffee people. hmmm.. no wonder Mr. Teh's size is big.

So people if u wana stay awake to do ur assignments or study, please learn from the expect.


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  1. i dun wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this pan huat to stay awake wa bantah!!!!!!!!!strongly wa bantah...this stay awake idea suit for you guys only...NOT FOR GIRLSSSSSS......