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Monday, 15 March 2010

Floating On The Sea of T.A.P


What the tutt is that.

T = Test
A = Assignment
P = Presentation.

so yes, im floating on the sea of TAP. no, i can't swim in it. too much. too much. headache la. stress oo..

last week, this week and next week, these 3 weeks are killing me! TAPs are cramped in these 3 weeks. TAPs are pouring in stuck here.

how to swim in the sea of TAP? im floating now.. still sorting and figuring out what to do first. then how to do.

as for now, i feel like bangging my head to the wall and sleep till the next day because i am really sleepy but i've to finish my reading and slides for 2 presentations tomorrow.

* it's good to reduce procastinantion and FB-ing for the time being.

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