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Monday, 28 June 2010

View of Taiping Lake Garden (1)

Finally finally finally! I went to my dream travel destination in Malaysia, Taiping Lake Garden. I tell you, the place is damn nice and serene. Peaceful n calm. seriously it's a place for pensioners. =p


  1. I grew up in Taiping in the 1960s and 1970s. I cycled around the gardens almost every afternoon. Serene definitely but sadly has lost a lot of its charms, the cool air, the green hills.

  2. hi. i wonder how u got into my blog. =p The garden is so big n huge. Yes when development takes place, we'll have to sacrifice something. but the Garden should be preserved as the way it is.

  3. Ya.. Taiping really a nice place.. I used to jog at lake garden every afternoon when i study in secondary sch...

  4. i was so touched when i was there. i felt so warm. i felt like home. everything in life seemed to slow down. u can see old people exercising. you can see children playing around. you can taste the fresh air. it's heaven.