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Monday, 28 June 2010

jog under the rain

Im WET! Yes I like it. YES!
But im just partially wet la. not fully wet also. aiyah. Sien nia.. Tak syiok la lidat!

I wana be wet, totally wet from head to toe.

I just back from jogging actually. It was a VERY random one. After class, I went to get a bottle of soya drink, a very expensive one by V-Soy.  I was so desperate for soya. I duno y. I just wana get drunk with soya at that time and then sleep. But how in the world soya can make me drunk la. GILA!

So fine. Den I saw my classmate, Jing Wen. She wana go jog jog. But suddenly the rain poured heavily and she wana go home. Haha. so I said to her, come let’s jog together. Yes let’s jog under the rain.

Yea yea crazy blab la bla whatever.. lalalalala la la lolu lululu. Crazy people always have crazy n creative ideas in their mind ok.

Woohoo! It was like a dream come true-to play water. N I jogged for the second time in this semester. n I jogged under the rain man for the first time!! Fuyoooo!

I dragged Jing Wen along. She was like wat the tutttttttttttt, y im running under the rain?? Hahaa. I yelled, I screamed, I sang loudly like no one’s business. I wana get out all the stress, unhappiness, geramnes, guilt and joy out of me. I ran for a very long distance, from Westlake to Jalan Mati, to UTAR then to Westlake.

But im not tired la. I just wana get tired..

And the RAIN! Eeeee! Why la u so shy Mr. Rain? Why u malu-malu kucing. Shy shy for wat! Come on la. Rain big big ma. We dun mind u noe. Im happy if u rain big big. I asked u to rain big big right but why u stop half way? Not sporting la u… nvm 1 la if u rain. No one will blame u, u noe. Next time rain big big k. =p

I was hoping the rain will be a BIG one. As big as the wave or the water from my shower. You know.. like one big gush one water pour on your head. Waaaaaaaa.. nice!

I dun mind if you wana bring a bucket of water and splash on me. wow! It’ll be so much fun! =p

So yea we jogged, we walked, I ran backward etc from before the sunset until after the moon rise. Wow! Means from the daytime till now, night time lo. Under the rain for an hour lo.

Im not exhausted yet you know. Im still physically fit. YESH! What is wrong la.. emotionally exhausted is not enough la. come on someone please make me tired.


Aih.. Okla wana go bath syiok syiok, send pics, den tido., dun wana tink of anyting at all. Gnite. C u tmr. Tata.

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