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Monday, 28 June 2010

all in one

Im so sleepy… so so sleepy. Neslo Ice is not helping at all. Eyes half-opened. =p

cannot sleep la. some of you will thought that it's because of the BIG day tomorrow but nola.
im rushing a report for Political Philosophy now. must pass up tomorrow. =p

What to do. Really no time to do ma. Really really busy. can’t slot in time for assignment. Hehee. I wana go back to Penang ok but Kampar makes me so busy.
I just had a burger for dinner.

PUAS. Maximum satisfaction.

Washed my clothes but tak larat mau pi gantung hang hang la.

I wish I can pause everything around me just for one day. Yes one day is enough for me. then I wana spend time for me alone. I wana do whatever I wana do. I wana rest puas puas.

im happy you know. Im happy for myself. im happy for my friends. Most of us are so busy this semester. we are busy. Yes we are. Not only with assignments but other activities. And for me, as usual la. OCE always boh eng ma. =p

tonight I helped Pei Suang, as a photographer for the Auspicious Night organised by Buddhist Society. and tonight I talked to a friend. Yea a friend. A friend that is gona leave soon. In fact she left UTAR Kampar already but she came back for Buddhist Night. tonight is the last time I met her n I talked to her face to face. I have so much to say to her but.. words are stucked. I wish her all the best n only the best in her life. I thank her for her help and for her presence in my life.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Tomorrow will be the day where I’ll know the election’s results.

I enjoyed each and every second, every moment now. life will be meaningless without you people. Thanks a lot.

God bless you. Kuan Im Ma also popi you. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

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